About Us
Founded in 1994, OPPEIN has grown to become the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia. Today, OPPEIN provides jobs to 14,000 employees & boasts a 500,000m2 manufacturing center that implements a cutting-edge production management system.

At OPPEIN, we use advanced production equipment & software from the German company HOMAG ®, allowing us to produce 1800+ sets of kitchen cabinets, 1200+ wardrobes & 550+ bathroom cabinets per day.

OPPEIN first introduced the concept of industrial kitchen manufacturing to China in the 1990’s.  Now our product line has been extended to wardrobes, bathrooms, wooden doors, and other home furniture. Our expertise lies in whole house integrated design.

By the end of 2015, our products were embraced by 118 different countries all around the world.  With exceptional designs and professional one-stop project service, OPPEIN are recognized internationally by builders, contractors, project brokers & building design companies.

Home should be where love dwells. OPPEIN has been working hard to help customers design and fulfill a warm home which full of love.


To make OPPEIN a modern, innovative company respected and loved by the people, held in the highest esteem in China, and emulated around the world.”

Liang Song Yao

Founder, CEO