Shipping Delivery
 shipping delivery
Total business days for your order to arrive

How OPPEIN ensure safe delivery and shipment of products?
OPPEIN provides door-to-door delivery service to simplify logistics management, reduce costs, minimize the risk of loss and product damage.

Cooperating with reliable global logistics partners, such as MAERSK, HAMBURG-SUD and HAPAG-LLOYD, we directly deliver goods from overseas to your locations.

According to customized requirements, your packages can be directly delivered to your home after the arrival and customs clearance procedures.

What is the lead time of OPPEIN product?
-- The lead time differs from different material used:


 Solid wood finish 60 days
 Wood veneer finish 60 days
 Lacquer finish 35 days
 Laminated finish 25 days
 PVC finish 25 days
 Acrylic finish 20 days
 Melamine finish 20 days


 Solid wood finish 38-42 days
 Lacquer finish 26-35 days
 PVC finish 14-27 days
 Leather finish 14-29 days
 Laminate finish 14-27 days
 Glass series 14-29 days
Melamine Finish 14-27 days

Bathroom Cabinet

 Laminated finish 18 days
 Acrylic finish 19 days
 PVC finish 20-25 days
 Lacquer finish 23-25 days
 Solid wood finish 35-40 days

Interior Door

 Solid Wood finish 45-55 days
 Wood Veneer finish 40-45 days
 Lacquer finish 35-40 days
 Melamine finish 25-30 days
What is the shipping time to different countries?
Area Shipping Time(day) from factory to local
Africa 35-65
Australia 15-30
Middle East 20-25
Southeast Asia 7--18
Central Asia 20-30
India 25-30
Russia 30-60
North America 25-55
IndiaCentral and South America 30-45