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Desingers Team

OPPEIN Design follow closely the trend of international home design. We collaborate with top designers and groups to invent new product concepts, allowing customers to enjoy cooking, relaxation and communication in a space. The kitchen is more than just a place to cook - it is more like a part of life in OPPEIN design.


OPPEIN has made alliance with famous Italian designers. Hundreds of new products are introduced each year, we insist of original designs and keeping up with international trends.

Marco Bortolin

Founder of Oecus studio.

20+ years of architecture & interior design experiences.

Known for modern interior design.

Sergio Castiglia

Winner of ADI award

30+ years of furniture & interior design experience.

Known for modern interior design.

Work from OPPEIN Italian Designers Team

Work from OPPEIN Italian Designers Team

OPPEIN Headquarter Team

OPPEIN headquarters design team has ample design experience, regularly researches and learns design styles, concepts from different countries and regions, always pays close attention to and follows international trends, and is committed to providing customers with integrated home consulting services.

Design IDEAS

Triangle Science makes an efficient cooking line. Four functional areas of storage, washing, cooking and preparing match up well with human's body characteristics.

Smart Design

1.Touch-induced automatic button, a state-of-the -art technology that minimizes user fatigue.

2.Built to fit the bodies and daily lifestyle of most people.

3.Large flaps and drawers that makes the entire storage space visible.

Customized Design

We have customized OPPEIN Kitchen for various types of houses in more than 118 countries and regions around the world.  

1. Efficient design to reduce fatigue by minimizing movement.  

2. Facilitate conversations with family while cooking.