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Quality Introduction

OPPEIN is using the most advanced equipment manufacturing system, automation, information technology, manufacturing fine free, products from selection, production, transportation and service, to create the perfect kitchen cabinet.


Manufacturing condition

OPPEIN is the biggest manufacturing industry in Asia. There has the most advanced equipments, the most stringent process, and the most rigorous standard. All the products will be packaged and then delivered all over the world. Here, is the comprehensive and professional base.


With German Machinery and production software by HOMAG and using only the highest quality materials and matching that with intelligent, OPPEIN’s products maintain European style and quality while the price is strongly competitive.

A full set of imported CNC production line, lessen the production to 0.1 mm.
OPPEIN adopts the world's leading import flexible production lines, committed to provide quality products in every link from the opening, cutting, surface treatment, inspection, delivery.

Automatic CNC sheet sawing in vertical and horizontal angle.
Advanced and efficient sheet sawing center, processing accuracy up to ± 0.1mm per meter.

Germany HOMAG double-edged woodworking machine.
Automatic edge banding machine imported from Germany with 8 processes, making the edge firmly and smooth.


Every product could be the best in the industry. Precision of machining accuracy is up to 0.1mm which is higher than any other factory in China. The average service time is 50 years.
E1 (European grade 1),
Requirement: formaldehyde release ≤ 1.5mg/L
Oppein panel: Avg. ≤ 0.5mg/L


There are about 96 kinds of process of the production from materials opening, edge banding, hole drilling and so on.
Also, OPPEIN offers 5 years of quality assurance.

4.Package & Delivery

The delivery trucks will take the products to the destination. According to different products, the packages are in different forms to wrap in case not to damage the products.

5.Global Partners

OPPEIN massively uses world-class manufacturing equipments and raw materials and cooperates with top suppliers in the world.

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